Individual Onboarding in a New Enterprise Job

4y ago

Getting started in a new job in an enterprise? I have changed jobs several times, and based on my experiences I wrote down some thoughts. While a general appliciable checklist is possible, individual onboarding in an enterprise is paramount. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap between great onbording and the onboarding processes I experienced. That's why it is really important to have your own onboarding plan.

Here are my thoughts on getting started in a new enterprise job.

Get to know your human environment

To integrate yourself as fast as possible, it is crucial that you know the people around you and their place in the organization. Every company should have something like a organization chart. Ask or for it or look for it by yourself. Print it out and put it into you notebook (if you have one). I personally like to take notes when I meet those people for the first time and make notes directly the organizational chart. Something like "Young guy with glasses. Knows alot about finances." What will look a little bit creepy will help you remember the people around you better, and will help you to build organizational connections. This is a crucial part of your initial experience as already mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Get to know your technical environment

Major enterprises work because of processes and standards. The faster you get to know them, the faster you will be able to deliver good work. By that I refer to all processes you could somehow initiate or benefit from. Sometimes companies have process maps internally available for any employee and sometimes the process is something everybody talks about but nobody actually understands. Therefore it is really important to truly understand the process, and even more important to use the process for your needs. If it is not documented, then you should document it yourself. While processes feel stiff, they most of the time work. Because of this they are avoided and bypassed by the majority. If you know how the really work, it is your chance to really create value for your team and the enterprise.

Get to know your mission from any level

Enterprises have strategies, missions and visions. While they are intended to give the company purpose and influence actions, there is often a huge gap between what the company would like to be and what the company actually is. Don't be misled by those externally communicated strategies. Ask you leader: what is really the purpose and role of your organization? What is your role? Why did they hire you? The answers to these questions should guide your action.